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Cannes Lions / Thursday Seminar Debrief

by Contagious Team

Running down Thursday's seminar action at Cannes Lions

WGSN: Readying your brand for the new consumer 2015 

Get ready for three consumer tribes over the next two years - the Data BelieversFable Seekers and New Age Artisans - global trend forecasting agency WGSN's director of strategic services Lauren Kaufman told Cannes attendees today. 

With hyper-connectivity and the consumerisation of big data, Data Believers are among those trying to 'deal with the virtual and real world,' Kaufman says. They decipher what's real, what's virtual, what's paid or fake, what's advertising, and what's UGC. Marketing to these people will be about creating technologically tailored, personalised messaging. 

The Fable Seekers, meanwhile, are at the opposite end of the spectrum: spiritual, curious about global culture, and keen to escape hyper connectivity into the inner sanctum of the mind. Successful brands will be those weaving stories and fantasy into their marketing, referencing the eclecticism of global culture. 

New Age Artisans, meanwhile, are an evolution of the old DIYers, but with a tech spin, a trend sometimes dubbed the Maker Movement. New technologies and platforms mean people will become more self-sufficient -- able to design, make, and customise their own products, argues Kaufman. That means creating brands and communications that focus on customer as stakeholder, bringing technology and interactivity to the fore when speaking to this group. 

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Dentsu: Happy Hacking 

Members of the Dentsu network took to the Grand Audi stage to discuss how hack culture should be embraced by agencies and clients in the way that they engage with consumers. 

The session highlighted how hacking is different from co-creation, that the new technology landscape we're operating in demands such an approach, and that in order to embrace the approach clients and agencies may need to redefine their relationship. 

Key examples included in the session were Honda's Internavi Connecting Lifeline,Oreo's Super Bowl Lights Out Twitter execution, and remarkable digital work undertaken by Dentsu for Japanese techno-pop  group, Perfume

Future Lions 

Each year AKQA invites anyone with an idea as to how brands can connect to consumers in a way that couldn't have been done five years ago, to submit their thinking. The five best are awarded a 'Future Lion' award and get exposure to a hungry gaggle of agency recruiters. 

This year, in partnership with Wired Magazine, the competition received an astonishing 1,500 entries. Amongst the winning ideas were Keepit, a platform to transform hard change into bank funds when making a purchase, and Sense, a way of turning Kickstarter wristwatch sensation Pebble into a practical, potentially livesaving tool for deaf people. Miami Ad School was named School of the Year. 

YouTube: Why be the 30 Second Spot when you can be the whole show? 

'Create ads people choose to watch, cultivate a community, and collaborate with YouTube partners,' were the lessons delivered by Robert Kyncl, Global Head of Content, in YouTube's seminar on Thursday. 

After an introduction by Kyncl, a number of brands took to the stage to deliver case studies on how YouTube had worked for them. Fernando Machado, Global Brand VP for Dove, discussed the Dove Real Beauty Sketches, now the most viewed online ad in history with over 165 million views and 4.5 billion global media impressions. Machado stressed that the video didn't go viral just because it was good content posted on YouTube - rather there was a carefully orchestrated PR campaign behind it, and well-timed paid advertising helped generate more earned media. 

Following Machado, Justin Cooke, CMO of Topshop, discussed how the fashion retailer had used YouTube to make the fashion show more democratic. 'Topshop is one of the most democratic brands in the world bar none,' said Cooke. 'I've never believed that being cool is being exclusive.' Carolin Probst-Iyer, Digital Consumer Engagement Manager for Chevrolet then took to the stage to talk about how the Chevy Sonic Firsts Campaign leveraged YouTube to engage Millennials. 'Business as usual won't take you far today,' noted Probst-Iyer. 'Create engaging content, be nimble, and seize cultural moments.' 

Tumblr: A Fireside Chat with David Karp 

David Karp was courting advertising dollars hard in Thursday's 'fireside chat' with Tiffany RolfeChief Content Officer at Co:Collectiv. The chat, in which Karp repeatedly told the ad industry how wonderful and creative it was, took place the same day  Yahoo confirmed it has now completed its acquisition of the blogging platform for $1.1 billion. It also comes a month after Tumblr launched its first in-stream advertising products. 

Karp's advice to brands wanting to use Tumblr to best effect was to concentrate on storytelling: 'The people who set up on Tumblr are creators...they're there to make something. Tumblr is about telling stories that inspire people to be your customers.' He used the Hunger Games's 'Capitol Couture' as one best-in-class example of a well executed Tumblr campaign. Karp noted that Capitol Couture, a fashion blog inspired by the world of the Hunger Games, sucked in the fashion community and got a new audience engaged with the film before launch.