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Most Contagious Ad / Leo Burnett creates ads for Most Contagious 2013

by Contagious Team

Contagious invited Leo Burnett to create a Most Contagious ad to promote our Most Contagious 2013 conference and awards event in London and New York on 11 December.

An extremely talented bunch of creatives took on the job to deliver three inspiring ads, one of which you'll find in Issue 35 of Contagious Magazine. Here's how they found the job.

What was the brief you were given by Contagious?

Our assignment was to create a print ad promoting Most Contagious 2013, which is both a conference and an awards show organised by Contagious Magazine. The conference celebrates the world's most contagious and innovative ideas, like Nike Fuel Band or Red Bull Stratos. It's a north star for the whole industry.

How did you interpret the brief?
Because the brief was so open, we approached it from many directions. In the end we found a simple visual solution that clearly shows the brand's purpose. We came to the thought that the ideas highlighted by the conference are so contagious that you need protection from them. 

What was production like? 
We were really lucky to work with Jeff Sciortino. We love his work. Our model was a retired firefighter. At first it didn't seem important, but when you have to spend over 7 hours dressed in a hazmat suit it's really helpful to have someone with experience in it. And of course it wouldn't have been possible without our agency producers and post-production team.

What are you hoping people will think or feel when they look at the adverts?
Everyone knows Contagious Magazine and we hope that through these ads we can make the Most Contagious Conference as popular as the magazine. And since we knew the industry's eye would be on it, we also wanted to make the campaign funny and entertaining.

What makes this idea Contagious?

First of all, simplicity and craft. We believe it's a self-explanatory idea that can be understood even without a headline. In the execution with the magazine, you actually don't even need the logo in the right bottom corner because the magazine is so recognizable. We're also excited about the fact that ideas from the ad will be embedded into the conference itself.

Jeff Sciortino / Photographer
Mundocom / Post-Production

Leo Burnett Team: 
Mark Tutssel / Global Chief Creative Officer
Dave Loew / EVP, ECD, Copywriter
Jon Wyville / EVP, ECD, Art Director
Pablo Jimenez / Sr. Art Director
Doug Burnett / Art Director 
Kamil Kowalczyk / Copywriter
Vincent Geraghty / EVP, Executive Director of Production
Juan Woodbury / Executive Producer
Lisa Kunst / Producer 
Colleen Capola / Post-Production Producer
Frank Cirrincione / VP, Account Director

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