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Sky Brasil / #SkyRec

by Contagious Team

Satellite TV provider lets people record programmes via Twitter

With its viewers increasingly time-shifting television and spending less time in front of the set, cable television giant Sky has launched an initiative in Brazil to keep its internet-connected audience tuned in to television content. The campaign, called #SkyRec, enables people to record television shows via a Twitter hashtag, turning the Retweet button into a Record button. 

Users must first register their Twitter handles on Sky's website, which will then be linked to their subscriber numbers. 

Each day @skybrasil will tweet the highlights of its programming. Followers can retweet any message, using the hashtag #SkyRec, to record the show on their home television.

Via AgenciaClick Isobar, São Paulo.

Contagious Insight   
There are two key ingredients to this campaign; firstly, it's a useful service for Sky TV customers. Forgetting to record your favourite show is an obvious pain point amongst customers, and this Twitter connection gives people the opportunity to ensure they won't miss an episode. The service offers similar functionality to the Sky + mobile app, which is currently available in the UK, but has not been released in Brazil. (See here for Sky's current Brazilian app). 

Secondly, this campaign works as an awareness driver. Sky in Brazil has 3,400 hours of daily shows on 142 channels, and #SkyRec gives the brand an opportunity to promote this quality programming to a wider online audience. Moreover, by requiring people to retweet the details of their favourite show in order to record it, Sky takes the social aspect a step further, highlighting top content to subscribers' friends and followers - who likely share interests with the retweeter. 

American Express has also been experimenting with Twitter as a means of adding more services to its members. In February this year, the brand announced that members could now pay for items promoted by the @AmericanExpress handle by simply sending a tweet. You can check out more information on that campaign here.

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