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Contagious Insider Launch and Events in Asia

by Contagious Team

Since our Contagious Asia Pacific office opened in Singapore at the start of the year, managing partner Roger Mulchandani has been establishing our office there to serve this dynamic market. 

We are now happy to announce that we will launch our consultancy division, Contagious Insider in Singapore in March.

Dan Southern, senior consultant, will be in Singapore in March for the launch, bringing our expertise to life through a series of Contagious Briefings. These sessions are designed to inspire, educate and inform brands and agencies on the critical issues affecting their business today and in the future.

Contagious Briefings are ideal for an in-house workshop, event or conference, incorporate insightful case studies, exclusive interviews and are grounded in consumer insights. The topics that we cover include:

  • Service Design: Innovative case studies will demonstrate the benefits of identifying the unmet need in order to design experiences around the customer. 
  • Good for Business: Looking at how brands are using their creativity and clout to make a genuine difference in society, with actions that are rooted in their products and services.
  • Telling for Selling: An examination of the crossovers between content creation, real-time marketing and long-term storytelling.

  • Connected Experiences: How the world’s most forward-thinking marketers are using new technologies to design services around products, create more powerful, sensory and personal experiences around their products.
  • Contextual Integration: How time, location and even intent are now being considered by the most technologically-savvy marketers to deliver hyper-personalised experiences

Furthermore, Dan will be at Adfest on 6 March, presenting Telling for Selling, as well as speaking about Connected Experiences at Contagious/WFA Singapore event on 11 March. Senior Insider Consultant Katrina Dodd will also be presenting at Contagious/WFA Sydney on 26 March.

To arrange a Contagious Briefing in Singapore or Australia or to join us at one of the above events please email