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Most Contagious / Data

by Contagious Team

Forget big data. Let's talk about immense data. Unimaginably large data. No longer a small nice-to-have, massive data  and the insights and knowledge that data holds  is becoming the oxygen that creative marketing relies on for survival.

At Most Contagious 2014, we'll take a look at how brands are navigating a world where ubiquitous information is the new normal. The world's best brands are capitalising on data's opportunities, crafting user-centric services that deliver value, opening their analytical capabilities to collaborators and creating campaigns born from data-derived insights. Gargantuan companies like Google and IBM are figuring out how to parse enormous data sets to deliver answers in a split second to questions like 'What vacuum should I buy?’ and 'What route should I take to work?' Meanwhile companies like Unilever are tapping into the insights of search to move beyond creating content they think people will watch to content they know people are actively looking for. Brands are using data-divined knowledge to become more relevant.

Take services like IBM's Traffic Forecast from Malaysia, which improves on existing apps like Waze to predict road congestion. It forms part of IBM's long-running Smarter Planet initiative, using data and industry collaboration to effect positive change.

Honda's Sound of Senna campaign, winner of the Titanium Lion at Cannes 2014, earned accolades by turning dry data into an emotional story. But now brands must move beyond visualisation to turn data and knowledge into value and commerce.