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Most Contagious / Empowerment

by Arianna Radji

What do pickles, labels and pizza have in common? All three have become focal points for empowerment, one of the year’s most important marketing trends. At Most Contagious, on 10 December, you’ll learn how brands put power in the hands of consumers in 2014.

Brands have moved off the sidelines to become active participants in various social issues, big and small, around the globe. Increasingly, consumers expect the brands they support to align with the issues they support, and they're holding feet to fires by buying or not buying according to company actions. At Most Contagious 2014 we'll delve into how the best brands are responding, and being proactive, by taking vocal stances against unequal treatment, putting tools into the hands of underserved people, and revising their own consumer targeting. 

Subverting labels to empower women: We are sensitive to the fact that women tend to be labelled unfairly, or that they hold themselves back altogether on doing something they want to do for themselves or some achievement they want to attain, says Pantene brand manager Pepe Torres in our interview with him for Contagious I/O. His team commissioned original research into attitudes toward women in the Philippines, and turned that data into Labels Against Women, one of the most striking examples of empowering film we saw this year.

To read the full case study and Contagious take outs, originally featured on Contagious I/O, click here.

Empowering pizza-lovers through dough design: In Australia, Domino's Pizza Mogul campaign showcased a different type of empowerment. Rather than tackle a social issue, the brand decided to empower consumers by handing over the reins. Pizza Mogul lets customers create – and sell – their own Domino's pizza combinations. Recent reports show that some active consumers are capitalising on the opportunity, with some earning thousands of dollars each month.  As Domino's CMO Allen Collins puts it: ‘We now have a whole army of people selling pizzas, engaging with Domino’s and spreading the word about the pizza they created… It’s a fundamental shift in how you market a brand.’

To read the full case study and Contagious take outs, originally featured on Contagious I/O, click here.

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