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Building Brands From Scratch: The Now / Next / Why Podcast Returns

by Contagious Team


We're midway through our 2015 Now / Next / Why series (we're visiting Chicago on Tuesday, and San Francisco's the grand finale on June 9) and all along the road we've run into familiar faces, collaborators and general Friends of Contagious (FoCs). 

On the eve of Now / Next / Why New York our own Nick Parish sat down with Ed Cotton, the head of strategy and innovation at BSSP. Ed's a longstanding FoC and one of the main reasons we're able to do a Now / Next / Why in San Francisco. We've partnered BSSP to bring NNW and its Influx series of deep thinks together under one banner in the first public Contagious event ever on the West Coast.

This year's theme is 'Obsessing Experience', so after going through the partnership and how we're approaching NNW SF we asked Ed one of our favourite experience-related questions: What was your best or worst recent brand experience? 

Ed talks about BSSP's work bringing Greyhound's spinoff Bolt Bus to life, including understanding the crucial role of the driver as a sort of brand captain and the dynamic pricing system. 

That brings the podcast to an interesting intersection: startups talk about Minimum Viable Product. Is there a Minimum Viable Brand, the landing page version of a brand experience, the bare bones you can enhance when you're building brands from scratch? 

Parish and Cotton then discuss the legacy brand and startup dichotomy and what the Don Drapers can teach the Growth Hackers. 

These are the type of conversations to be had around Now / Next / Why as we obsess what brand experience means in the 21st century, together with speakers from Google, Twitter, Under Armour, IDEO, Slack, Rapha, Black Tomato, One Drop, Secret Location, Pretty Quick, the Adler Planetarium and more. 

The entire day is structured like a workshop, so you're co-working with a hundred-odd new friends in an entirely unique conference format. 

But don't take our word for it:





Join Contagious at Now / Next / Why 2015. Limited tickets are still available; book now:

SAN FRANCISCO / 9 JUNE (in partnership with BSSP)

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