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Kwik Fit / Tyred Of Kale?

by Contagious I/O

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British car servicing brand launches no-frills fitness class

Put down that spinach and goji berry smoothie. UK car servicing company Kwik Fit is offering a no-nonsense way to shed post-Christmas pounds instead. Fit Kwik, created by London-based agency Taylor Herring, is a 30-minute workout using only car and van tyres.

Designed by personal trainer Mikah Simpson and Kwik Fit technicians, Fit Kwik exercises include tyre flips, lifts and throws and enable participants to burn up to 1,200 calories.

The free classes are being trialled at a South London centre on Sunday mornings throughout January. If all goes well, Fit Kwik classes will soon be available in stores across the country. For those unable to attend in person, a fitness plan and instructional videos are available for free online.

In order to promote the free regime, three Kwik Fit technicians have posed for a remake of Herb Ritts’ iconic photograph ‘Fred with Tires’ (see original below).


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From functional to fun / As the western world goes to into January detox-mode, Kwik Fit is offering a refreshing alternative to the kale-obsessed wellness advice dominating the health and fitness media. The campaign reminds people that you don’t have to buy fancy ingredients or resort to a liquid diet to get fit.

The tongue-in-cheek tone of the campaign shows that Kwik Fit doesn’t take itself too seriously. This approach injects emotion and a sense of humour into a functional brand. This will in turn help customers feel an emotional connection to Kwik Fit and help it stand out within the category.

Back to the brand / One could argue that a car servicing company has no business talking about fitness, but Kwik Fit gets away with it by tying the major elements of the campaign back to the brand. Both the title and the involvement of tyres in the exercise routine make the campaign appropriate. And the unlikely nature of the campaign makes it all the more PR-worthy.

Fit Kwik



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