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In an industry struggling to separate the signal from the noise, Contagious Magazine provides a curated, measured review of the most important developments driving marketing, technology and business creativity each quarter.

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For the time-poor leader or ambitious team looking to raise its game, Contagious Magazine quizzes the industry’s brightest minds and makes connections from their smart thinking to your brand planning.

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Wildfire introduces need-to-know projects in technology, design and consumer culture, while Small But Perfectly Formed features little brands with big thinking - both designed to help you stay ahead, rather than just keep up.

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In depth, interview-based features that deconstruct the world’s most contagious brands. We unearth their insights, explain their strategies, and chart their business impact.


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Contagious 46 / 1st Quarter 2016

Superior service links this issue’s Brand Spotlights: Nest has brought emotion to thermostats, smoke alarms and monitors, building its product and service offering to become a leader in the so-called smart home space. Turkey’s challenger telco Turkcell focuses on supporting its customers in all aspects of their digital lives, from health monitoring through to music streaming.

Raakhi Chotai speaks to Jenni Romaniuk, co-author of How Brands Grow Part Two, research professor at the University of South Australia and associate director at the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science. Read why she believes traditional marketing theory is lazy, dangerous and sloppy, and discover how to steer clear of potential pitfalls.

To help agencies and brands get to grips with the shifting marketing landscape, Contagious Insider devised a map, called MaShCreaTr, to help navigate advertising’s ever-expanding boundaries. Use it to plot your capabilities and assess opportunities and threats.

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