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Norton, Symantec Corporation

by Contagious I/O

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Norton, the global provider of web-based security solutions, has produced an interactive story-based experience called Enjoy Your Privacy. It's a cautionary tale designed to prompt people to invest in security for their phones.

Users must connect their mobiles to their desktop to enjoy the experience, which features seven fictitious characters, all of whom possess secrets that the user must reveal.

With the characters' smartphone screens literally portrayed as windows into their private life, users can select whose phone they want to hack first. Will it be vegan blogger Gia? Eva who's partial to selfies? Or the intriguingly titled 'Unknown'?

Users can access voicemails, emails, pictures and text messages where one piece of information will unlock the person's secret. Users do all the 'hacking' from their own smartphone screen and are then invited to look up to see the big reveal. 

Without wanting to ruin the fun with too many spoilers, there are connections between the cast of characters. What's more, if you choose to select 'Unknown' you won't find out any secrets. That clever character has invested in Norton Mobile Security meaning that their secrets stay well and truly hidden. 

A social push drives traffic to Enjoy Your Privacy, which was a collaborative effort between Leo Burnett Chicago, production company Method, Toronto-based digital design agency Jam3 and Smuggler director, Mark Malloy

Contagious Insight

To take part in this interactive experience you need to use the very tech that Norton wants you to protect, helping to reinforce the idea that your phone being hacked is something that could easily happen to you. 

The production values of Enjoy Your Privacy are extremely high. It's slickly presented and highly addictive. The more you engage with it, the more you want to engage with it and find out the relationships between the cast of characters. 

Norton is up against stiff competition in this sector from WaveSecure by McAfee, an app launched in 2011 that's been widely praised. However, Enjoy Your Privacy shows people precisely why they need this product, mixing in a dash of fear to some credible storytelling.

Brands in similar sectors, such as insurance, could learn from this approach of not relying so much on fear that you alienate consumers. The Hungarian psychology professor Mihaly Czikszentmihalyi's Flow theory recommends that brands should aim to be in the 'flow' zone, i.e. not boring people but not making them too anxious either. Enjoy Your Privacy carries this off with aplomb. 

Finally, it's worth remembering that, in 2008, Somebody Else's Phone for Nokia by Wieden+Kennedy experimented with the same idea of your phone revealing everything about you, even the bits you'd sooner keep well hidden from public view. The concept is even more resonant now that so many more people run their lives from their smartphones.

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