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Bob Dylan, Columbia Records / Like A Rolling Stone

by Contagious I/O

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Classic song gets content-rich interactive makeover

What if you turned on the TV and every channel was playing Bob Dylan's Like A Rolling Stone? That's the scenario imagined by a new interactive video designed to promote the crooner's latest album collection.

Using their keyboard viewers can surf through 16 channels on a virtual TV that spoof typical American TV content, such as game shows, news, reality TV, and cooking programmes. The twist is that all the TV characters are perfectly lip-syncing to Dylan's classic 1965 tune. Viewers can flick through the channels as they choose, meaning the viewing experience will differ each time.

The video features specially filmed versions of popular TV shows with their real stars, including Pawn Stars, Jonathan and Drew Scott on Property Brothers, EXTRA with Mario Lopez and Drew Carey on The Price is Right. One channel actually features Dylan himself, performing the song live in 1966.

The video corresponds with the Columbia/Legacy Recordings release of Dylan's The Complete Album Collection Volume 1. After watching the content, viewers can click to share it on Facebook or Twitter, subscribe to Dylan's newsletter, buy the box set on Amazon or buy Dylan songs on iTunes.

Interactive video company Interlude created the experience with production company Pulse Films.

Contagious Insight

This interactive video is a fun, creative way to bring new life to content that is almost 50 years old. It's enthralling to watch familiar characters sing in Dylan's inimitable voice. It's the breath of content, as well as the famous faces that keeps you engaged and encourages to flick through every channel.

Dylan's classic tune is notably long (six minutes), and it's a testament to the content of the video that you want to keep watching. But it's still not quite as long as Pharrell Williams' latest music video, which clocks in at 24-hours with the four-minute song playing on a loop. The singer/songwriter/rapper's 24 Hours of Happy experience features different people dancing to the song. Viewers can decide who to watch by clicking on a certain moment on the clock interface. Like Dylan's song, the video is full of cameos, including actor Steve Carrell and baller Magic Johnson.

Following a deluge of interactive YouTube videos, including some interesting choose-your-own-adventure style content from Interlude (the company behind Dylan's effort), it had been a while since we saw anything truly exciting happen with this form...until now.

Bob Dylan Like a Rolling Stone Interactive Video

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