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 Christmas is coming early for Contagious magazine subscribers, with issue 37 landing on desks shortly. I'm biased, but it's a corker: we've explored how service design has transformed Turkish bank Garanti in our first case study. And in our second, we look at how sportswear challenger brand Under Armour has cannily used sponsorship, retail experience and product innovation to become a $2.2bn company. 

We've got interviews with Motorola's head of advanced projects and technology, Regina Dugan, cyborg anthropologist Amber Case, and op-eds from our Insider consultants on the rise of the chief technology officer, our concern with Selfies and wearable technology's marketing problem.

But wait: there's more. Over the past year or so, we've been canvassing readers, and thinking a lot about how to improve the reading experience. 

From next week, subscribers can expect a completely new Contagious magazine online. With the help of our friends over at Made by Many and New Bamboo, we've changed from an app to a browser-based online magazine. Beautifully-designed, it better echoes the familiar visual format of the magazine, but brings in video previously accessed separately through the app directly into case studies or News, for example. We've simplified and improved the search functionality: it's quicker, more extensive and more accurate than ever before, across our entire nine year archive of the best in marketing innovation,technology, culture and consumer behaviour.  

All of that is to make reading the magazine a more intuitive, multimedia and user-friendly experience to help you get most out of your subscription. It's a start, and we're going to keep working on making it even better going forward.

We'll be sending subscribers details of how to access the magazine online (watch out for an email), but your log in details will remain exactly the same.  

Enjoy issue 37, and the new magazine site. I'd love your thoughts. Drop me an email to let me know what you think: 


Ed White