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The Most Contagious 2013 Report: Read it, Buy it, Love it

by Contagious Team

The 2013 Most Contagious report is here. 

Every December since 2006, we’ve brought you Most Contagious, a review of the trends, technologies and creative innovations that have shaped the smartest marketing and advertising campaigns over the past 12 months.

Most Contagious is your handy roadmap for the immediate future, our year-end gift to the community, a kind salute for a job well done, a humble back-pat for all the inspiration your creative projects have given us throughout the year and fuel to begin 2014 with a full heart.

Download it here as a PDF, as we unleash it into the digital solar system as exactly the kind of munificently free and shareable gift guaranteed to warm the cockles of Tim Berners-Lee’s heart.

You can also browse the 2013 Most Contagious report on your device, in its responsive design web home.

If the content makes you feel inspired about the possibilities of 2014, then in the spirit of festive giving, please do pass it on. If you haven’t heard about us before, and like what you’re reading, get in touch about a full, up-to-the-minute, subscription.




Most Contagious as a free annual report is one of our company traditions, but more recently, in the last two years, we’ve celebrated in-person, starting in London in 2012 and earlier today in both London and New York. 

If yours was among the hundreds of brands and companies that attended, you’re likely still buzzing from all the excitement, and maybe even at this exact second, enjoying an after-show cocktail with us. You’ve definitely already got your delegate’s copy of Most Contagious. 

But for those that missed all the excitement of Most Contagious live, you can still get a printed copy of the report for a limited time.

Style and substance in perfect harmony; Most Contagious provides 96 pages of unique intelligence, beautifully laid out on 135 gsm uncoated stock and perfect bound for posterity. 

We’re currently taking orders, so fill out the form below and pick up a few to keep the innovation fresh. Perhaps a client’s work (or your own) has been featured?

And, if you order by December 18th, we can guarantee delivery by Christmas, for a perfect gift in that special creative someone’s stocking. (Or, just a great little ‘thanks’ for your stressed-out teams.)