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Camera brand promotes Periscope integration with underwater shark streaming

GoPro, the manufacturer of action cameras, has organised an underwater livestream in which two of the brand’s ambassadors free-dived with sharks.

Jeb Corliss and Roberta Mancino, who are both famous BASE jumpers, leapt off a boat on 3 March and swam with Bull Sharks off the coast of the Bahamas. The divers used GoPro Hero 4 cameras to record their underwater experience, and broadcast the event via streaming app Periscope.

Earlier this year, GoPro announced a partnership with Periscope that enables anyone with a Hero 4 camera to stream live footage through Periscope. Users can link their action camera to a smartphone (currently only iOS) using GoPro’s in-built wifi. Then they can open the Periscope app to broadcast the footage direct from the Hero 4.

There’s more information on exactly how to do this in Periscope’s announcement post.


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This mutually beneficial partnership promises to diversify the type of content on Periscope while addressing the biggest problem that GoPro faces as a business: editing.

The benefits for Periscope / Livestreaming has taken off rapidly over the last year. Periscope was only bought by Twitter in March 2015, but by August 2015 people were already viewing 40 years of footage per day. However, as Periscope’s own announcement acknowledges, smartphones can only record so many kinds of event. In general, people cherish their phones too much to film dangerous or adrenaline-fuelled scenarios with them.

The GoPro partnership therefore provides a whole new kind of action-packed footage for Periscope. As the demo on 5 March emphasised, livestreams can now be as adventurous as underwater scuba-diving sessions with man-eating sharks. Of course, the greater the drama, the greater the incentive to tune in and watch live.

As Jeb Corliss added in an interview: ‘When doing things like BASE jumping or shark diving, it’s fun to watch them live. They are high-risk activities and you are never really sure what will happen. Periscope is perfect for this. Being able to watch a shark dive live is super exciting and people at home will get to feel what it’s like. As the action unfolds, people will be on the edge of their seat hoping everything goes to plan.’

The benefits for GoPro / Creating edge-of-your-seat content has never been an issue for GoPro, with its community of surfers, sky divers and snowboarders. But livestreaming content adds to the edge and excitement, as Corliss explained and Red Bull’s epic Stratos campaign proved.

However, perhaps a greater bonus is that this tackles what Forbes calls the brand’s ‘biggest problem’ – the lengthy video editing process. As GoPro’s CEO acknowledged in an article, ‘Video editing has been a big deal and a challenge not just for GoPro but for every company involved in this business.’ Why? Because it turns out that filming high-octane activities are really fun to shoot, but it’s a lot less fun sifting through hours of footage while trying to piece together a compelling film.

This is one factor contributing to a dramatic decline in GoPro’s overall estimation – it’s fallen by over 70% in the last year. And the brand is taking steps to address it, by forking out $105m on two mobile video editing startups, for example. But the Periscope partnership helps them circumvent the problem in the interim. By streaming footage as it happens, the potentially lengthy editing process is cut-out altogether.

For marketers, Mobile Livestreaming has already opened up a range of exciting opportunities, some of which our outlined in our trend. But the GoPro integration could potentially make branded content more adventurous, exciting and memorable in the future.


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