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Global Ads Chart / December

by Contagious Contributor

There’s plenty of Christmas cheer to go around in this month’s Unruly Viral Video Chart round-up, with Holiday ads predictably dominating December’s top 20, writes Unruly's Head of Content, David Waterhouse.

Leading the way is an ad from WestJet in which the Canadian budget airline treats air passengers to a real Christmas miracle.

Now, we've all sat on Santa's lap and gone through the motions. You ask for a Ferrari or a swimming pool, the middle-aged guy with brandy breath and a fake beard instead hands you a second hand toy. 
But what if your wishes actually came true? How would you react to getting that 50 inch television you always wanted? Or that new camera you were saving up all year for? Or even that pair of comfortable socks you never got round to buying?

Well, thanks to WestJet (think EasyJet for Canadians) some airline travellers got more than they bargained for. Through a pop-up stand near the departures lounge, the low-cost carrier asked travellers what was on their Holiday wish list via a virtual Santa. Not really believing anything would come of it, people asked for what they really wanted and then got on the plane.However, behind the scenes, WestJet's 'elves' soon hit the stores, buying the items requested not only by Little Jimmy, but Mum and Dad too. It meant after a 4-hour flight to Calgary, the jetsetters arrived at baggage claim to find the normally dreaded conveyor belt filled with individually wrapped presents, with their names on the tags!

Mind you, after watching all the families joyously unwrapping their new tablets, cameras or toys, you have to feel a little sympathy for the guy who got the underwear and socks he wanted before he knew Santa's budget.

It's a great spot, which attracted almost 1.8 million shares during December, making it not only the most popular ad of the month by some way, but also the biggest Holiday ad of the year.

Not exactly hot on its heels in second spot with almost 600,000 shares is YouTube’s annual review of the year. Always popular, YouTube’s Rewind looks back over an incredible year of video, from Miley Cyrus’s controversial Wrecking Ball to Ylvis’s viral mega-hit The Fox.

Two other Holiday ads to make it into the top 5 are Kmart’s cheeky ad Show Your Joe and Apple’s brilliant Misunderstood.

Proving that nothing says Christmas more than the sight of six men playing jingle bells with their stocking fillers, the popularity of Show Your Joe, released back in November 16, showed no signs of waning during December. It attracted 380,395 shared last month, putting it in fourth position, just behind Turkish’s airlines’ big budget campaign, Selfie Shoot-out, starring the two biggest sporting stars on the planet, Kobe Bryant and Lionel Messi.

Just behind in fifth is something that has not been seen in the upper reaches of the Unruly Viral Video Chart for quite a while – an ad from Apple. The tech giant’s creative ad pool has been running a little dry of late, but Misunderstood is a welcome return to form. It shows a teenage boy skulking around his family Christmas looking like a turkey before the Holidays. He doesn't want to get involved in the festive celebrations. He just wants to moodily play around on his smartphone every five seconds.

However, all is not what it seems. In fact, the teen is creating probably the best family gift of all. Well, I don't want to spoil it for you, but suffice to say, it's pretty heart-warming.

The ad attracted a lot of attention across the web last month, racking up almost 366,155 shares. And it's not hard to see why. The best Holiday ads have always leaned heavily on simplicity, nostalgia and a strong sense of family - and this does it brilliantly.

Two places below in seventh is an internet celebrity not known for spreading Christmas cheer – Grumpy Cat. Let's face it, her permanent frown is enough to put anyone off their Christmas pudding. However, the internet sensation has teamed up with some other famous web cats in a new Christmas jingle for cat food company Friskies that is sure to put some tinsel on your tree. Hard To Be A Cat At Christmas is certainly a catchy jingle, while Grumpy Cat is always highly watchable, earning the video almost 300,000 shares last month.

But not every ad in the top 20 has a Holiday theme. Other new videos include an epic ad from Samsung in which they put together the best soccer players in the world (and Victor Moses), an intergalactic treat from production company Cinesite, a video from Pantene which highlights the different ways women and men are perceived in the workplace and a commercial from a Japanese tyre manufacturer which some are branding the scariest ad ever made.


Top 20 ads – December 2013

1. WestJet: Christmas Miracle

Shares: 1,795,789

2. YouTube: Remind

Shares: 588,105

3. Turkish Airlines: Kobe v Messi – The Selfie Shootout

Shares: 383,939


4. Kmart: Show Your Joe

Shares: 380,395

5. Apple: Misunderstood

Shares: 366,155

6. Volvo Trucks: The Epic Split

Shares: 301,477

7. Friskies: Grumpy Cat – “Hard To Be A Cat At Christmas”


Shares: 298,541

8. Samsung: *GALAXY11 – The Beginning

Shares: 292,818

9. Amazon: Prime Air

Shares: 273,396

10. Cinesite: Beans

Shares: 231,414

11. John Lewis: The Bear and The Hare

Shares: 216,990

12. Coca-Cola: Ser Padres

Shares: 194,253

13. Pantene: Labels Against Women

Shares: 173,600

14. Mimi Foundation: If Only For A Second

Shares: 169,941

15. Autoway: Snowy Roads Are Scary

Shares: 165,855

16. Som Sabadell: Flashmob

Shares: 164,183

17. Sprint: Totes McGotes

Shares: 162,281

18. Unilever: Why Bring A Child Into This World?

Shares: 158,066

19. Evian: Baby&Me

Shares: 127,792

20. Pro Infirmis: Because Who Is Perfect?

Shares: 121,393: 121,393 121,393