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Be more Contagious in 2014

by Contagious Team

Christmas might be over but at Contagious we like to keep on giving. Until the end of the month, we’re offering a 20% discount off all new magazine subscriptions.

If you want to sample Contagious thinking, read our Most Contagious 2013 report, which sums up the last 12 months and provides a roadmap for 2014.  For starters: what’s your brand doing to be more purpose-led this year? Be inspired by the paths taken by Coca-Cola, Toyota, Unilever and Bank of America.

And with the craft of storytelling continuing to dominate the marketing industry, learn from Intel and Toshiba’s creative partnership that has spawned both stories and sales. 

Service Design, where brands start with what customers want or need and work backwards, became much more sophisticated in 2013, with brands such as Turkish bank Garanti leading the charge. 

Augmented Media grew up in 2013, becoming more experience-led. It invited people to track the provenance of their Big Mac and also translate headlines from Japanese newspaper Tokyo Shimbun into a kid-friendly format.

Meanwhile, targeting became infinitely more precise thanks to brands such as Sky Livesports in Germany, Kleenex in the UK and Audi USA using context to their advantage.

As well as our beautiful quarterly journal, a subscription gives you access to which brings together ALL Contagious magazine content – dating back to 2004 – into one place for the very first time. Additionally we’ll give two free additional online accounts with every new subscription, so that your wider team can benefit from Contagious thinking. Talk about setting you up for the year ahead.

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