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Automotive brand launches on-demand test drive service in Sweden

To make it easier for people to book a test drive, Volkswagen in Sweden has introduced a service that brings its cars directly to potential car buyers.

To book, customers need to visit The Instant Test Drive mobile website, select the model they would like to test, set their pickup location and fill in their details. The closest dealership that has the chosen car is then notified about the request.

A Volkswagen agent takes the car to the specified location and meets the customer, who has the freedom to choose their final destination. This can be a journey from A to B or a round trip. People can even use the test drive to get home from work. During the ride, the test driver can ask the Volkswagen employee any questions about the car. Once at their destination, drivers just hand the vehicle back to the agent.

After the test drive, people receive an email with information about the car they tested and their closest dealership. They can also view this information on The Instant Test Drive microsite.

The project was developed by DDB Stockholm. The initial trial will run for three weeks in Stockholm but according to the agency Volkswagen is looking to introduce the service in other cities across the world.


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Convenience is key / A study conducted by Deloitte Digital and Adobe, examining the car-buying journey found that one of the key pain points is people’s experience of going to dealerships. The research found that customers describe the dealership atmosphere as ‘as conveying a lack in service-orientation’ and felt like ‘they are being upsold options or models that they don’t need'. At the same time, the report describes test drives as playing ‘an essential role’ as they are ‘the best way to experience the product’.

The Instant Test Drive is solving the issues of the car buying experience by providing a valuable service that shows off the car and eliminates the need for people to go to dealerships, which are usually located outside of cities. Instead, Volkswagen has made customer convenience their priority by bringing the cars to its customers.

What’s more, the chance to select the model people are interested in is a win-win for both potential car buyers and the dealers. In that way, customers will be only informed about cars they might actually consider buying, while agents can be better prepared with information about the specific model.

Simple service / The ease of the mobile website - the test drive is just a tap away – makes it more likely for people to try it out. It also helps the concept of booking a car at the click of a button on your phone is now such a familiar concept thanks to the rise of services like Uber or Zipcar.

The Instant Test Drive


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