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Jose Cuervo / Howl

by Contagious Team

Tequila brand's app helps to organise impromptu nights out

Spirits brand Jose Cuervo has unveiled an app to help friends arrange spontaneous nights out. 

The #PartyAnimals 'Howl' app is built on the Foursquare API and uses in-app SMS functionality to allow users to create virtual 'packs' of friends. When they have found themselves in the perfect location for the night, they can broadcast it to their pack by sending out a 'Howl' directly from their handset. 

The app is the next iteration of the brand's 'Who's In?' campaign, launched in October 2012, which honed in on the instigator in social groups - in other words, the one who brings together groups and organises nights out.

Animal-themed videos (example above) and social media executions direct potential users to the app. 

The campaign, via Albion London, launched in Australia and South Africa on 17 October.

Contagious Insight      

Jose Cuervo's app helps get friends in the mood for more nights out and consequently more occasions to drink tequila. What's more, the brand is wise to hone in on the 'instigator', i.e. the friend who's most likely to corral their mates into a spontaneous night out.

The app is easy to use and works on a straightforward principle. However, the animal kingdom creative work to promote it, while a solid way of reinforcing the app's name, is perhaps a little unsophisticated for the brand. In London, for instance, it was announced that Jose Cuervo is partnering with upmarket department store Selfridges to celebrate the Mexican Day Of The Dead. 

Of course, there are lots of spirits brands that have produced apps around nights out: Stolichnaya Vodka has just launched RECAPP, a mobile app that records night out, based on content posted on Facebook, Instagram, Vine and Twitter. But the cleverness of Howl is that it plants the idea of a night out in the head of the target market and makes it easy to rally the troops.

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