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Most Contagious New York / Glass Pioneers

by Contagious Team

Three standout Google Glass developers join Most Contagious New York's exhibition to show off their software

A trio of developers in Google's Glass Pioneers group, given advance access to the device and its software, will be joining Most Contagious New York's installation to show off their wearable apps. 

Mike DiGiovanniNoble Ackerson and Macy Kuang will be offering their view on what's working and what's not on the platform, demoing software they've created and helping give context for brands' role in producing experiences for the platform. 
DiGiovanni, currently head of emerging technology at Roundarch Isobar, has created several notable apps already, including 'Winky', which takes a photo when the Glass wearer winks as well as an app that links Grand Theft Auto III's in-game GPS to the Glass display.


Ackerson, founder at Byte an Atom Research, is working on GlassFit and xFIT, a fitness app and fitness companion for the platform.
Kuang, a game developer at Miaomiao Games, is one of a group of Canadian developers aiming to make Toronto a Glass-friendly city, working on food and transit apps to help navigate the metropolis. Her own contribution is Bike Share, which, simply enough, directs would-be cyclists to the nearest station where they can take a city-sponsored bike out.
Additionally, Ed Sanders, head of marketing on Project Glass, will be speaking at Most Contagious New York. Read an interview with Sanders here

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