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Honda / Hands

by Contagious Team

Auto brand's viral enhanced by engineer's notes

Honda's two-minute viral film, Hands, is a whistle-stop tour of the Japanese brand's 65-year history, showing how it has innovated in a number of different areas, from lawn-mowers to robots, motorbikes to sports cars.

Wieden+Kennedy, London, Honda's agency since 2002 and the brains behind the successful Cog film, created Hands and used American author and radio personality Garrison Keillor for the voice-over. Keillor's gravelly tones also accompanied classic Honda spots such as Hate Something, Change Something. Uploaded onto YouTube on 3 July, Honda Hands attracted 3 million views in five days.

To enhance the content of the film, Honda worked with 
Collective London on an interactive version called The Engineer's Cut. This enables people watching Hands to pause the film if they want to access engineer's notes about a specific Honda product. It outlines landmarks such as the first zero emissions fuel cell-powered car and the CR-V, an SUV that drives like a saloon. There's also more information about Honda's experimentation with Asimo the robot.

Contagious Insight      

The engineer's notes here make this more than a viral, giving people a way to access additional material, as well as reinforcing the wide range of products in Honda's product portfolio. It helps to flag up that it's a brand with thoughtful engineering at its core and harks back to its company core philosophy of the Power of Dreams. 

Like Cog, the film has that quality whereby having just watched it once, you want to replay it straight away. Using the note format to give people more information is a smart way of persuading them to enjoy the content a second time, but this time augmenting the experience with the capability to stop and start at the points that most interest them. Fittingly, it's a beautifully engineered piece of work. 

There's more on how The Power of Dreams helped bring Honda the brand back to life in this Contagious case study on Honda.

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