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Switzerland Tourism / Make My Switzerland

by Contagious Team

New app allows tourists to choose holiday activities based on their mood

Switzerland Tourism has launched an app that recommends different activities depending whether on travellers are feeling active, stylish, cultural or social.

For example, picking 'stylish' would serve vintage stores, a cocktail bar, art spaces, boutiques and festivals. The suggestions on the Make My Switzerland app come via local bloggers. Contributions of locations and events were submitted by around 30 bloggers of varying ages, locations and different interests, and include DJs, artists and ambassadors.

The app is avaliable for Android and iPhone and was created by The Minimart, London. An integrated campaign promotes uptake of the app, including a blogger outreach programme that matched bloggers to the seven Swiss cities featured in the app, where they were shown around by the contributing bloggers. 

Ed Chilcott, founding partner at The Minimart, said: 'We wanted to bring people closer to the cities, not just through the interactivity of the city app but via multiple touch points including bloggers, mobile, online, outdoor, press, mobile and social.'

Added incentives to get involved in the app include a series of rewards and discounts on SWISS flights, hotel deals through Expedia and a competition to win back the cost of the holiday.