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Cannes Lions / Design Lions

by Contagious Team

Designing the world for the better a prominent pattern in Design Lions, with sustainability report taking home Grand Prix

Purpose, personalisation, and the new frontiers opened by digital were key themes of the Design Lions, announced on Wednesday. Mary Lewis, Jury President and Founding Partner of Lewis Moberly, noted that 'concern for the world really did throw up some incredible work - and demonstrates the job design has to do in shaping our future.' 

Sustainability was the core theme of this year's Grand Prix winner, the Self Scan Report, created by Serviceplan Munich on behalf of Auchan, one of the biggest retailers in Europe. To reinforce its environmental credentials in Italy Auchan reduced the typically-lengthy sustainability report into a single shopping receipt: a 99.73% reduction in paper. Customers could then scan the receipt with their smartphone to get more information on its sustainability practices and were also able to ask Auchan questions about the report.

Conor Brady, Global Creative Director at Huge, noted that the campaign 'took something so simple, a receipt, the most basic piece of printing, and turned it into something innovative. To do that in a category not known for doing great design was really original.' Brady added that the campaign reflected a general theme whereby a lot of 'tried-and-tested formats' were turned on their head. He cited Absolut Unique, a Gold Lions winner that was in the running for a Grand Prix, as another example for this. The campaign, created by Family BusinessStockholm, saw Absolut create four million uniquely-decorated vodka bottles. Brady noted that while, traditionally, it's hard to produce variants of a bottle-design on scale because of the sheer mechanics of production, Absolut created a design that was literally unique. The company estimated that it would take 94 quintillion bottles before two similar ones are created.

Another Gold Lions winner that was considered for the Grand Prix was Droga5 Sydney's work for QantasStories for Every Journey. Collaborating with publishing house Hachette, the airline created a series of bespoke titles that corresponded to the amount of time a passenger is likely to spend in the air. Like the Absolut campaign, the bespoke titles demonstrated the power of personalisation in design.

In total there were 2,373 entrants for the design category, with 1% of entries given a Gold, 2% a Silver, and 3% a Bronze. According to the jury this apposite awarding was by happy accident, rather than design. 17% of the winners were form the USA, 10% from Brazil, 8% from the UK and 5% from Japan. The jury noted that they saw a lot of entries from advertising agencies and called for small design agencies and studios to enter. They also noted that not much packaging had been sent in, and called for more packaging entries in the future.

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