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Wildfire / Full of Tomorrow

by Contagious Team

Enjoy a live-stream of the Cannes Wildfire seminar which imagines life in 2018

Not in Cannes this week? Then you can still enjoy the Contagious and Leo Burnett Wildfire seminar 'Full of Tomorrow: How brands can embrace miraculous new technologies to create the small wonders that will change our daily lives'. Full of Tomorrow will be live-screened on YouTube, after it was voted Seminar of the Dayand can be viewed here when it starts on Tuesday 18 June at 5pm (local time). 

The session aims to celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of the Cannes Lions festival by looking 60 months into the future. Paul Kemp-Robertson, co-founder and editorial director at Contagious, and James Kirkham, Leo Burnett's newly appointed global head of social and mobile, will fast-forward to 2018. They will look at how daily routines, entertainment, and even socialising will be revolutionised by emerging technology, and where brands from sectors like health, retail, alcohol and gaming will fit into that new landscape.

'Wildfire will show amazing stuff rooted in practical examples and real world evidence,' says Kemp-Robertson. 'That's the value to the audience: they hear stuff like "haptic" but we will show what's already happening in this area and what opportunities exist for brands.'

Full of Tomorrow will explore fledgling technologies, including affective interfaces, which detect human mood and emotion, multisensory projections and new e-commerce experiences that affect how we shop and interact with products. The seminar will also look at the human body as interface and how advanced motion tracking could engage consumers with brands through the slightest movement. 
The seminar will leave marketers with a clear idea about they can experiment with technology to step outside of traditional limitations, solve real problems and enhance people's lives.

Check out the Wildfire Cannes / Full Of Tomorrow Tumblr page which has collated cutting-edge examples of tomorrow's tech to give a glimpse into the future. 

For full details on the seminar, click here.
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