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Johnson & Johnson / Donate a Photo

by Contagious Team

Health giant donates dollars through its photo sharing app

Johnson & Johnson in the USA created a photo-sharing app that donated $1 to a cause each time a photo was shared.

The Donate a Photo app lets users attach a cause from a curated list to a photo in their phones. After selecting a photo and a cause, the app attaches an overlay highlighting the chosen cause, one reads 'This photo helped a new-born to breathe'. 

Integrated with Twitter and Facebook, each photo shared triggers Johnson & Johnson to donate $1 to the chosen cause. Each person can send one photo per day and all the photos shared are entered into an online Donate a Photo gallery, allowing them to be used throughout the campaign. 

So far 4,933 photos have been shared, raising $4,933.

Contagious Insight      

This campaign taps directly into something many of us do every day - share photos online. According to recent stats, 300 million photos are uploaded to Facebook each day, a clear indication as to the scale of our obsession with photography. If the brand can harness even a tiny percentage of this audience, then the campaign stands to raise a significant chunk of cash for charities across the world. 

There are a couple of shortfalls, though. Firstly, why aren't people given the opportunity to upload to Instagram? The photo-sharing network has over 100 million users and receives around 40 million uploads per day, so would it not make sense to incorporate this audience? Additionally, it's a shame that the names of the charities haven't been embedded in the photos - this could have been a useful way to raise further awareness of the causes, and the companies behind them.

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