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by Contagious Team

When the brief is, 'everything we make needs to be playable,' technology becomes our biggest enabler

Wendy Clark, senior vice president of Coca-Cola's Sparkling Brand Center, will be presenting at Now / Next / Why in New York on May 1. She'll be talking about the creative evolution of the Fanta brand and debuting its new global campaign. Here, she talks a bit about the campaign.

The campaign you'll be unveiling deals with strong ideas about play for 12-17 year-old kids. How do you think the concept of play has changed? Or has it stayed mostly the same?

The study of play has evolved a lot over the last eight years. Science now knows that the need to play is ancient and universal. It's as important to human development as sleep. The field is growing so rapidly that there is more to learn every day. 

We're currently focused on teens' need for play. Lots of people still question the value of 'teen play' -- there's a tendency to view it as a waste of time -- and so there's a cultural tension in its promotion. But there is growing evidence of the social, mental, physical and emotional benefits of teen play and so we committed to activating more teen play every day. 

How did this campaign develop in a different way to what the brand has done in the past?

This is the first time we are inviting teens to PLAY FANTA, to interact with our products and brand ideas. For the last eight years we have created an animated Fanta world and an animated cast of characters, but this is the first time teens can immerse themselves in our world and interact with our star cast. Every piece of content we made this year is playable -- even our television commercial is playable on YouTube. We're working in immersive, discovery storytelling platform full of games, social conversation and playable stories that bring our brand to life. 

This campaign seems to have been developed to be global -- what additional considerations did that take? 

Working for the globe (over 190 countries) is a very different exercise. We need to work to universal teen truths that speak to the teen life-stage experience and the big play idea so that the work can travel. The biggest shift this year is in how we've used technology. When the brief is, 'everything we make needs to be playable,' technology becomes our biggest enabler. Technology turns this campaign on and the technologists who are central to our team, did an amazing amount of research to identify how to build our content so that it would work on every screen, everywhere. 

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