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Mori Building Co. / Tokyo City Symphony

by Contagious Team

Japanese developer creates 3D projection mapping on a mini model of Tokyo

A Japanese property developer has created a digital project that allows people to project images onto a miniature version of Tokyo.

The Tokyo City Symphony interactive website through SIX/Hakuhodo Inc, Tokyo, features developer Mori Building Co.'s existing handcrafted model of Tokyo, built to a 1:1000 scale. Users can press different keys on their computer keyboard to project a different image onto the buildings and play a different beat of music. Playing their computer keyboard as they would a piano, users can create a personalised eight-second musical score, synced with images. They can then share this score on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. All the scores are the saved onto the site to create a single 'city symphony'. 

Visitors to the Tokyo City Symphony site can select their favourite 3D projection mapping theme: 'Future City' projects minimalist grid lines and patterns, 'Rock City' projects colourful animated instruments and creatures, while 'Edo City (i.e. Traditional Tokyo) projects typically Japanese motifs. The project was led by Tsubasa Oyagi of creative boutique agency SIX, Tokyo.

The website is part of a collection of festivities called Love Tokyo to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Tokyo's Roppongi Hills development. The Love Tokyo project will also include an exhibitition at the Mori Art Musuem, a show called Les Girafes (featuring eight metre tall giraffe puppets) and a performance by the French group COMPAGNIE OFF.

Since the Tokyo City Symphony was launched on 23 April, it has received 4,400 Facebook Likes, 60,000 page views and 20,000 unique users.

Contagious Insight /

Tokyo City Symphony is a beautiful project that uses images and music to create powerful emotional reactions to a city scape of quite sterile skyscrapers. The developer Mori wasn't opening a new building, but had the more difficult challenge of creating excitement around its existing development. And that what's Tokyo City Symphony was able to do in a fun way. The developer was also smart to find a new, entertaining use for an existing model of Tokyo that it had already built. 

The collaboration aspect is also important here. The developer has literally asked people to put their own mark on the city and then is combining all the musical contributions to create a single symphony, reminding people of the power of community.

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