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Gini / Idea Space

by Contagious Team

An app to manage the process of innovation and creativity

The creative process is tricky to describe and pin down - an incredible idea could come from a flash of genius or years of dedicated work. Gini, the new iPad app from Gee Thomson (full disclosure: Thomson is also co-founder of Contagious) and designer Garvin Hirt sets out to streamline the process. 

Aimed at innovators, entrepreneurs and creatives, the app should improve the quality of ideas, by providing an interface which helps thinkers to interrogate the strengths and weaknesses of a concept by anticipating future problems and opportunities and raising the standard of exisiting products and services, such as a mobile app or current campaign.

Gee Thomson, founder and co-designer explains: 'In designing Gini we wanted to deliver the best possible interface to encourage and manage the process of creative thinking and innovation. We wanted to go beyond the rigid formality of the majority of productivity apps. Ideas don't belong in "top down" lists.'

'With the current vogue for brainstorming everyone is chasing instant ideas. And walls covered with yellow sticky notes are testament to this rush. But all too often such thinking leans towards mediocrity because real challenges have been overlooked and people fail to lift their vision above the norm. Great ideas need reflection, they need experimentation, they need time to gestate.'