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KFC / Fast Track App

by Contagious Team

Fast food chain launches finger lickin' quick mobile app

KFC has launched a mobile app so customers can order their meal using their smartphone to by-pass the queue in-store. 

Once downloaded, the KFC Fast Track app uses geolocation to find the nearest KFC. People can then choose their order and then pay for it by credit card. They then receive a QR code and a confirmation number so they can pick up their fried chicken as soon as they've checked in when they reach KFC. The app allows users to store their order history, favourite products and payment details to make it easier for them to repeat order. 

The app lets users pick up their order at any time of day that an order is placed; they just need to check in to inform staff they are present in-store. The chain is also planning to add geofencing in the app so users can check-in before arriving at the restaurant, which will cut down ordering time even more. 

The KFC app will be piloted in 10 restaurants across the UK. The app is currently only available for iPhone, but KFC will soon launch a web app for all connected devices. 

The app uses AIRTAG technology, which creates mobile ordering and payment apps that retailers can easily customise to make their own. Jérémie Leroyer, CEO & Co-founder of AIRTAG, told Contagious that the KFC Fast Track app cuts down the ordering time by 60-70%. He said: 'Because KFC is not a delivery market, people tend to be out and about when they decide to order food. KFC Fast Track enables these shoppers to order anywhere and anytime by smartphone.'

Contagious Insight      

KFC's app makes ordering and buying food as frictionless as possible, and obviously for the fast food sector, speed is of the utmost importance. That said, we are particularly excited about the possibility for AIRTAG's ordering apps in the grocery sector. The company has partnered with supermarket brand Carrefour City to launch a similar app to KFC's, allowing shoppers to order 'anytime and anywhere'.

AIRTAG's Leroyer told Contagious that retailers can add loyalty, couponing and payment features, creating a 'retailer mobile wallet'. He said: 'This enables shoppers to order their groceries on the fly, but also includes the option to pick up additional items such as fruit and vegetables in-store. This experience is very relevant to the grocery market, because shoppers want to pick these products out themselves. The user incentive again is getting to skip the line, which adds more value to the customer journey.'

The flexibility that AIRTAG offers for grocery retailers shows how the company is empathising with time-poor shoppers. For instance, many shoppers are put off buying groceries online because they want to select fresh produce themselves. This app seems to offer a solution, merging the best aspects of the online and in-store shopping experiences. 

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