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It’s Time for an Internetervention

by Contagious I/O

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Men: stop embarrassing yourselves with poor purchases and use deodorant instead

Procter & Gamble-owned male grooming brand Old Spice has launched a series of comedy websites which prey on the tendencies of men to make bad decisions in the vain hope of impressing women. The nine sites (links below) offer slightly ludicrous products, ranging from gold bluetooth headsets and shirts which sculpt fat into muscle, through to illegal neck-workout machines and flavouring powders for beards.

However, when the visitor clicks anywhere on any site’s landing page, an alarm sounds and the homepage disappears to reveal Old Spice Man (Isaiah Mustafa) who then stages an ‘internetervention’ - berating the user for their poor choices while suggesting ‘Use this Old Spice body spray to make you smell like a guy that doesn’t make mistakes’.

After the internetervention has run its course, an overlay shows all nine sites (each based on a c.90-second Vimeo video) and encourages users to prank a friend by forwarding the link or sharing over Twitter and Facebook.

Via Wieden + Kennedy Portland and Stink Digital in New York.

Contagious Insight

The consistency and quality of Old Spice’s copywriting is as hilarious as ever, but what makes Internetervention stand out is the strength of the sharing concept at its heart.

Most men will have a friend who is just a little too interested in their personal appearance, making the opportunity to forward a link to a ridiculous spray-tan-party site a worthwhile prank.

That human insight coupled with the humorous content ensures the campaign’s natural spread: once someone has been pranked/entertained, they’re more likely to forward a site on to one of their friends in turn.

At the time of writing, the various videos on which sites are based had notched up 7,073,000 views - 4m of which came from the ‘Flattering Man - muscle shirt’ site, perhaps suggesting that most men have a friend who is overweight…

It’s also interesting to note a shift in targeting. The original ‘Man your man could smell like’ campaign ostensibly targeted the women who make up a hefty percentage of people buying men’s toiletries. Internetervention, however, goes straight for the end user.

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