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Pony picks up speed for UK in viral campaign to encourage people to 'keep internetting'

Co-founder of DecodedSteve Henry, will join Contagious Feed Editor, Alex Jenkins, for Are you ready for the coding generation?, a session which aims to explain the implications for brands of addressing an increasingly digitally-literate audience at Now / Next / Why in London on 18 April.

'Learning code has moved from a niche interest to a mainstream one and Decoded has taught thousands of people "code in a day", says Henry. 'More companies are realising that code is not only the creative language of the future, it also underpins the operating system of all businesses. Everyone needs to be digitally enlightened.

'But as marketers learn code, so do their customers. What implications will this have for marketing in the future? All the trends point to people wanting to get more involved and more creative. Will we move beyond interactivity to a new phase of co-creation? How can you turn hacker culture into a competitive advantage for your brand?'

Are you ready for the coding generation? 

Today's children will become tomorrow's digitally-literate consumers. What does this mean for brands and agencies?

Three key movements look set to create a generation of true digital natives. Top-down pressure from governments and key technology figures is pressuring the education system to include coding in our curriculums to equip children for a digital world. Secondly, figures such as Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg have become role models, making the world of code more attractive. Finally, a range of freely available tools has democratised opportunities to become digitally literate. In this session we'll examine these factors and look at the implications for brands and agencies.

For more information on the other topics we'll be focusing on at Now / Next / Why in London on 18 April, as well as a full list of guest speakers, click here.

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