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Contagious Briefings

by Contagious Team

Contagious is bringing our expertise to life through Contagious Briefings: designed to inspire, educate and inform your teams on the issues affecting your business today and in the future.

The Briefings are ideal for an in-house workshop, event or conference, incorporate insightful case studies, exclusive interviews and are grounded in consumer insights. The topics that we cover are outlined below, from purpose, to retail and experience. 

Good for Business

Customers are increasingly choosing to buy from companies that have a clear societal purpose at the core of their business. Contagious will look at how brands are using their creativity and clout to make a genuine difference in society, with actions that are rooted in their products and services.

What you’ll get out of the session: Insightful case studies, learnings from original research and exclusive interviews with CEOs of global organisations. This session demonstrates how businesses can respond to growing consumer expectations at the same time as powering profitability.

Reimagining Retail

Retailers are building digital tools and services to incrementally improve each step of the shopper’s journey. By driving footfall in imaginative ways, creating engaging in-store experiences, making payment increasingly seamless and overhauling last-mile delivery, leading brands are making shopping more convenient and more entertaining than ever.

What you’ll get out of the session: Exciting case studies of how brands from Brazil to Korea are transforming retail environments and processes. We will explore the consumer insights and context behind each example, providing you with both key learnings and inspiration.

Evolution of Experience

Brands are starting to create more powerful, sensory and personal experiences around their products. We’ll show you how some of the world’s most forward-thinking marketers are using new technologies to design services around products, create wearable devices and bring inanimate objects to life by connecting them to the web.

What you’ll get out of the session: The lowdown on one of the most future facing trends in marketing. We’ll equip you with the inspiration and application to create unforgettable services and sensory experiences around products.

The briefings each include a 45 minute presentation followed by an extended Q&A with our presenter. 
To book a Contagious Briefing, information on costs or to find out more please contact us: