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Now / Next / Why New York / Ivan Poupyrev

by Contagious Team

Disney Research's Senior Research Scientist on the Beyond Screens trend

We asked Ivan Poupyrev some questions surrounding the trend he'll be presenting on at our upcoming Now / Next / Why Session in New York on Wednesday 1st May.

Can you talk a little about your work with REVEL? What prompted Disney to start exploring this type of interaction and what are you trying to develop?

For REVEL we are looking for new ways to provide experiences to humans with little modification of the environment.

As a scientist and inventor I have a somewhat open exploration agenda, inspired by the needs of the company but not dictated by them. Me and my team are trying to be cutting edge, which means coming up with things that no one has thought of - that is the meaning of science and research.

What are the implications for brands and consumers as interaction moves beyond screens and into the physical world? How can designers and brands capture the attention and focus of consumers as interaction goes 'outside of the box'?

The challenge is that consumers' field of vision is not limited by the screen that they hold in their hands. You wouild have to compete with the huge world around us. The only way to do this is to create amazing experiences that draw people in, and for these experiences you have to create new and exciting technologies or find clever ways of using existing ones.

Where do you see interaction design being in 5 years? 10 years? What possibilities excite you most?

Interaction design tends to react to changes in the technological and social landscape, as well as challenges in using existing technologies. Getting off the screen and into the world creates new interaction paradigms, it is a challenge when there is no touch screen. That also applies to iWatches and Google Glasses and all that.

Ivan will be participating at Now / Next / Why in New York on the topic of:

Beyond Screens / (The Post-Mobile Era) 

Technology is breaking out from behind the glass. What does it mean for brands? 

Forget the post-PC era. What does the post-mobile era look like? Soon people will regularly interact with brands outside of smartphone and laptop screens, as technologies like Google Glass, projected interfaces from Berg, and haptic surfaces created by Disney Research reach the mainstream. Where is interaction going next, and what do new interfaces mean for brands/agencies creating marketing content?

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