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Contagious Now / Next / Why - All Day Conference / London 18 April / New York 1 May

by Contagious Team

'Change is a motherf*cker when you run from it.' (David Simon, writer, The Wire)

Technology is fuelling extraordinary creative disruption in almost every industry, with marketing no exception. Big brand marketers are looking to start-ups for innovation strategies. Technology is bursting out of our screens and into the real world. Peer-to-peer economies are creating new forms of 'value' in what people own and what people do. Mobile phones mean the whole world is shoppable. 
What does all this mean for brands and agencies? What are the challenges and the opportunities? How are other people tackling these changes? 
Contagious is excited to announce the fourth installment of its Now / Next / Why Sessions.
The London Session will take place at LSO, St. Luke's, London EC1 on Thursday 18 April. 

The New York Session will be held at the New York Academy of Sciences on Wednesday 1 May. 

This time, delegates can expect a day-long event featuring a combination of trend briefings, challenging debates, panel discussions and participatory sessions from Contagious and industry experts.


Here's just a glimpse of what's awaiting you at the upcoming Now / Next / Why:
The ROI of R&D / Adaptive Innovation 

Prioritising experimental practices to fuel innovation and growth is no longer a luxury, but a necessity for modern marketers

With brands demanding increasingly innovative approaches to how they and their agency partners come up with ideas, lab culture for marketing is moving from a nice-to-have to a need-to-have. Contagious will be looking at brands acting as VCs, debating whether brands can or should act like start-ups, and  bringing in speakers from multi-disciplinary labs to hear how they work, how they convinced their businesses to adopt this way of working, and what their success rate has been like.

Beyond Screens / The Post-Mobile Era

Technology is breaking out from behind the glass. What does it mean for brands?

Forget the post-PC era. What does the post-mobile era look like? Soon people will regularly interact with brands outside of smartphone and laptop screens, as technologies like Google Glass, projected interfaces from Berg, and haptic surfaces created by Disney Research reach the mainstream. Where is interaction going next, and what do new interfaces mean for brands/agencies creating marketing content?

Digital Immediacy / Buy It Now 

People can increasingly buy directly from posters, TV commercials, magazines and products themselves using their mobile phone. How should brands market themselves and compete in a world of 'Buy It Now'?  

The rise of immediacy, whether through flash sales or limited-time offers, has created an even shorter path that people need to tread in order to get the things they want. But how do marketers behave quicker? How do they reconsider the traditional funnel of awareness and purchase, when mobile phones mean people can buy direct from posters, TV, magazines and everyday objects? We'll discuss the impact of accelerating communications for marketing, and how best to reach and reward the people who want to ride the roller coaster with your brand.

New Currencies / Alternative Assets

Digital has reconfigured the way we think about 'value', both in terms of what we expect to receive from brands and the way in which we expect to pay them for it. How do brands go about navigating this new value exchange?  

Peer-to-peer systems like AirBnB, Neighborgoods and WhipCar are disruptive forces in business, encouraging people to swap, share and rent between themselves, rather than simply buy from brands. A new understanding of 'money' is emerging, with people coming to realize that their data, everyday activities and social chatter are alternative forms of payment. Some brands have already begun to tap into this shift with the likes of Nike, Anton Berg and Ibitz finding new to ways to measure and reward people. What are these new alternative currencies? What value do they offer for people and brands?

London Session /
18th April at LSO St. Luke's, 161 Old Street, EC1V

Early bird tickets are £370 (excluding VAT) and are available until the end of February. We're also offering a group deal of 3 tickets for the price of 2 at £740 (excluding VAT). Tickets are on sale via Eventbrite or if you're a Contagious Magazine or Feed subscriber, please download the booking form to take advantage of your special rate.

New York Session /
1st May at The New York Academy of Sciences, 7 World Trade Center, 250 Greenwich Street, NY 10007.

Early bird tickets are $603 and are available until the end of February. We're also offering a group deal of 3 tickets for the price of 2 at $1,206. Tickets are on sale via Eventbrite, or if you're a Contagious Magazine or Feed subscriber, please download the booking form to take advantage of your special rate.

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to email our Events Manager, Arianna Radji or call +44 (0)203 206 9275.