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PayPal / PayPal Tahminatör

by Contagious Team

Online payment service's estimator game puts fun in cross-border finance

Bringing PayPal's cross-border transfer facility to life in Turkey, the brand has created a real time Facebook guessing game called PayPal Tahminatör ('PayPal Estimator'). 

Would-be players in Turkey and Holland logged in via Facebook for the month-long campaign, where they created an avatar for themselves. They then competed in real time against another player to guess the value of a series of prizes such as PlayStation console controllers and USB drives provided by PayPal's international merchant partners Deal ExtremeTiny Deal and Light in the Box as quickly as possible. 

240,000 people played the game over the month, with five games played on average per person. The brand saw 1,000 sign ups for PayPal accounts, and its international merchant partners received over half a million clicks. Engagement on PayPal's Facebook pages increased by eight times, with the brand adding more than 50,000 new Facebook friends.

Contagious Insight 
It's not creatively thrilling, but PayPal's game is a simple and effective way of raising awareness for the brand in two markets, with engagement and account opening results reflecting its success for the brand and its merchant partners. 

It puts a rather abstract and dull idea of cross border transfers into a format that's fun, informative and engaging, on a platform that's well-used by the people PayPal is trying to reach: the young and tech-literate.

The real time element and avatars add a social, competitive frisson to an otherwise well-worn guessing game, and the prizes, meanwhile, are a decent incentive to play. A modest, but effective effort.


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