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Target / Everyday Collection

by Contagious Team

Retailer crowdsources inspiration for an atypical runway show

Target, working with mono, Minneapolis, presented the latest leg in its Everyday Collection campaign, with its Tweet-to-Runway fashion show. 

In keeping with the campaign's theme of presenting everyday items in a high fashion setting, the event featured models walking down a white runway holding Target products that had been mentioned in Tweets selected by the brand. While holding up the product, the models read each tweet out loud, with humorous affectations like interpreting emoticons as 'winky face' and substituting a verbal 'dot dot dot' for ellipses. When finished, the models lowered the product out of view and humorously looked at the camera for a couple of seconds before returning from whence they came. 

The clips, generally under twenty seconds long, are whimsical and a bit bizarre - and funny enough to keep viewers' attention for long enough to watch a few. Unfortunately for Target, the campaign seems to have flown a bit under the radar. At the time of writing, most of the Tweet-to-Runway videos have only a few hundred views, if that. Only two videos, both released in advance of the live event, have cracked 1,000 views. 

Target produced 167 videos on YouTube for the Tweet-to-Runway event, including promotional clips leading up to the runway show. The brand Tweeted at users whose suggestions had been included in the campaign, rewarding each one with a $20 Target gift card.

Contagious Insight  

It's difficult to watch the Tweet-to-Runway videos and not be reminded of Old Spice's seminal response videos starring Isaiah Mustafa. Like those videos, Target's Tweet-to-Runway campaign doesn't take itself too seriously, and seems to bask in the bizarre. Tweets selected for presentation are generally not the type of copy you'd see promoting a product. Instead of 'This product is great!' we see things like 'Did you know blueberries are just peas that can't breathe? #TrueStory' and 'Even after chugging a can of soda I am yawning like the most exhausted person ever.' These truly feel like very everyday Tweets. 

Target's marketing has always centered around its products rather than the stores themselves - think of the red-drenched TV spots full of branded products - and it's interesting to see the retailer adapt that strategy for social media. The campaign seems to have succeeded at getting attention on the individual level, with almost all Tweeters selected re-tweeting the brand and offering some thoughts of their own on the selection.

The campaign appears to be targeting younger Target shoppers, as well. Nearly everyone featured in the Tweets appear to be in their teens or early twenties. It's unclear whether that represents a conscious choice on the part of Target or if the Everyday Runway promotion simply attracted a younger demographic. Most likely it represents an attempt by the brand to bring younger shoppers into its stores. 

We would have liked to see a little more promotion of the event beforehand, drawing more viewers to watch the runway show. But in terms of execution, Target did a nice job with this campaign and the videos could provide a bite-sized bit of social buzz.
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