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Brazilian footwear brand’s app offers Argentinians digital tools for relaxing vacations

Brazilian flip-flops brand Ipanema has launched a mobile app to ensure that Argentinians secure some digital downtime and make the most of their vacation.

By downloading Ipanema Mode from iTunes or Google Play and sharing their location, holiday-makers can benefit from three functions: firstly, they can see how many hours of sun they have left in their particular location by glancing at a countdown clock feature. Secondly, they will be served up a variety of options for events and entertainment nearby. Finally, they can tune into Ipanema Radio where they can make playlists with their favourite tracks or listen to relaxing sounds provided by the brand, such as waves, rain or a crackling fire.

Users can also customise the app’s options according to their preferences and are encouraged to share their choice on Facebook. Meanwhile there’s no danger of being disturbed by unwanted messages, mails or calls because Ipanema Mode enables people to block unwanted communication.

Via independent ad agency Don in Buenos Aires.

Contagious Insight

Ipanema Mode positively aligns the footwear brand with sunshine and good times as well as differentiating it from market-leader Havaianas. As this FT article points out, Havaianas is the long-established dominant player in the flip-flops market, in Brazil and beyond.

Secondly, like the Helly Hansen app targeting skiers with real-time snow reports from the slopes, Ipanema Mode aims to improve the holiday experience by taking into account the user’s location and intent. The app may not be packed with features, but the few it has are useful to holiday makers in general and the individual user in particular, as the location-based personalisation creates contextual relevance. Similarly, the digital downtime element of blocking calls and messages nudges people into fully disconnecting in order to truly relax.

The music aspect is also noteworthy: Bacardi and Skol have both invested in radio stations as a way to engage with their target audiences to great success. Skol Radio, for example, claims to be the biggest digital radio station in Brazil.

The take-out here is straightforward: identify an experience that you want your brand to be associated with and find a way to improve it for your audience.

Ipanema Mode app

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