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A mug-nificent new cookie ritual

by Contagious I/O

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Biscuit brand’s edible cup tempts Malaysian kids into drinking milk

Jack ‘n Jill cookie brand Cream-O in Malaysia has developed a clever strategy to get kids to drink milk (or if you're a cynic with a heart of stone, get them to eat more cookies) – serve it in a delicious cup.

The cream-filled biscuit brand designed an edible mug made of digestive biscuits dipped in dark chocolate, which came free with Cream-O biscuits for one month.

Grey Kuala Lumpur, the agency behind the Cookie Mug campaign, reported that the brand saw a 19% sales increase following the campaign.

Contagious Insight

By positioning itself as being on the side of parents struggling to get their kids to drink milk, Cream-O is attributing healthy, positive associations to a sugary treat. The only pain point parents might have when it comes to cookies and their kids, is getting them to eat less, not more. So Cream-O has instead fixed on that perfect companion to cookies: milk. By making its cookie the reward for drinking milk, the brand is building the case for Cream-O as part of a parent-approved diet.

The Cookie Mug campaign brings to mind one of Contagious’ favourite recent campaigns: California Milk Processor Board’s Time to Go to Bed. Not only did that campaign lend a helping hand to parents (it eased bedtime), but it also created a ritual around milk consumption. That’s what Cream-O is doing here: it’s not just pushing the message that kids should eat the biscuit, it’s telling them how to do so.

Creating a ritual is a proven food marketing technique. Just look at Oreo’s Twist, Lick, Dunk ritual, which has been an important part of the brand’s advertising strategy. Or the Tim Tam Slam, which, as every Australian knows, is the way to eat the chocolate biscuit by nibbling the corners and then using it as a straw for a hot drink.

These rituals make the process of eating more enjoyable, as a study published in the journal Psychological Science found. The study showed how people who employed rituals before eating their food savoured it more and found it tastier. Making food fun is especially important when you’re a snack brand targeting kids, but Cream-O has also managed to win the approval of parents through its milk marketing campaign. The interesting part of this campaign goes beyond the cookie mug itself (Lavazza created a similar edible cup two years ago), and is instead the creation of a clever ritual that appeals to kids and parents.

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