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Does Love Exist?

by Contagious I/O

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Chocolate brand’s documentary tackles single Greeks focusing on their careers as opposed to finding a partner

Mondelēz International-owned Greek chocolate Lacta has always had a brand position based on love. However, with the recent Great Recession in Europe hitting the country particularly hard, young people in Greece have undergone a shift in their priorities and have recently started valuing their careers over finding the love of their life.

To raise a debate around the topic of romance, Lacta, with OgilvyOne Worldwide, Athens, created an hour-long documentary called ‘Does Love Exist?

The programme aired on prime-time TV the evening before Valentine’s Day and featured a Greek actor talking to young people about how important love is for them, with interviewees ranging from 30-something singles and rappers recording love songs, to people who have made a conscious choice to be alone. To balance the viewpoint, the documentary also featured happily-married couples and people in new relationships.

Results / The documentary attracted a 17% viewer share, with 1.55 million viewers. The hashtag #LoveDoesExist became the top trending topic on Twitter in Greece.

When the documentary was posted on Facebook, it received 22,000 Likes and 27,000 shares.


Contagious Insight

Redefining relevance / While the case study video from Lacta frames the problem in terms of the brand no longer being relevant to young people, the situation which created that lack of relevance (i.e. people not prioritising their love lives) provides a perfect opportunity for the brand to talk about an issue directly related to its position. Conveniently, this has the been the theme of Lacta’s advertising for many years.

All you need is love / Of course, love as a subject matter for content is a tried and tested formula for winning over audiences and readers.

In his book The Golden Theme, Brian McDonald, screen-writing instructor and consultant to companies such as Pixar, describes love stories as ‘either about learning to be a person who is worthy of love, or about that most primal of urges, the propagation of the species - survival’. Lacta therefore shoots for relevance by combining a subject matter which resonates at a primal level but with a take on it that is both modern and specific to the audience in Greece.


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