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Do it for Denmark!

by Contagious I/O

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Travel agency tries to halt Denmark’s declining birth rate with sexy city breaks

After discovering that Danes are 46% more likely to have sex on city holidays, Danish travel company Spies Rejser embarked on a mission to cure the country’s baby blues (and get people booking breaks). Do It for Denmark encourages Danes to go forth and procreate, promising one copulating couple a prize.

To enter, people need to book a holiday with Spies, taking advantage of a special ‘ovulation discount’ for booking at their most fertile time of the month. Post-holiday, travelers will be sent a pregnancy test kit. If the result is positive, prospective parents can send a picture of the test to Spies to enter the draw. Winners can look forward to a 3-year supply of nappies, a designer pushchair and a family holiday at a Spies Sunwing resort.

As well as the chance to win, the Spies site provides romantic city guides help to inspire potential parents,with restaurant and date recommendations for a range of lovely destinations including Paris, London and Rome.

Though statistics on how many Danes have entered (or indeed conceived) are yet to be released, the YouTube video has already amassed over 1.5 million views in just a couple of days.


Contagious Insight

Baby boom / This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a brand trying to boost a country’s birth rates. Mentos took a similar approach in Singapore, using a rap song to encourage people to get down to the business of making babies. It’s a cheeky way to encourage adoption of the product  and shows that Spies is a brand with a sense of humour.

Doing things the old-fashioned way / The campaign also demonstrates that travel agents aren’t ready to roll over just yet. Though the sector is being faced with competition from all sides – from the boom in online booking agents and price comparison sites to the game-changing approach of Airbnb – Spies shows that traditional brands can master new ways of engaging customers. It builds on the work that the brand has done previously. Notably, Spies once created solar-powered dummies. Both campaigns demonstrate a departure from the tropical carpet-bombing approach that other travel brands often adopt as their default position.

Responsible parenting / Ultimately, Do It for Denmark is a little bit silly. However, Spies has also been able to create function within the frivolity. Not only is there a more interesting approach to discounting, with the wacky ‘Ovulation Calculator’, but the city guides provide potential holidaygoers with inspiration for their next getaway. And the campaign comes perfectly packaged, demonstrating commendable creative finesse. Not only are the production values top-notch, but the tone of voice shows a brand well aware of the social media age, with a unique personality.

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