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Nike / Make every frame count

by Contagious I/O

Tapping cricket crazy youth to win a creative edge

Selling cricket to Indians should be a dream brief for any creative, but when the opportunity to come up with a spot for Nike came to JWT India, they really hit it for six.

The concept they settled on was to create a commercial around the basic components of a passage of play in cricket: the bowler’s run-up, the delivery, the shot, the fielding, the wicket-keeping, the runs. The hook? Every frame of this passage of play would be stitched together from stills contributed by players up and down the country.

To make this possible, JWT provided clear guidelines to help ensure that people would submit appropriate material. Over the course of a month, a series of tweets, posts and videos from Nike and Nike athletes urged young cricketers to show India and the world how they made every yard count, but sending in pictures of themselves playing the game wherever they are in the country.

The ad was broken down into carefully pre-planned shots, and participants were invited to send in action photos that corresponded to their chosen position, via Facebook and Twitter. By requesting stills rather than video footage, the call to action could be answered by the maximum number of potential contributors, via as broad a range of feature or smartphones as possible.

From a collected total of 225,001 submitted images the final TVC stitches together 1,440 contributed images in one gloriously edited sequence. That final cut, tracking the journey of one ball from bowler to batsman to fielder to keeper, pays a stirring tribute to India’s passionate army of part-time, small-town, rural, urban and side-street cricketers who really do Make Every Yard Count.

Contagious Insight /

What’s really striking about this campaign is the sheer quality of the final result, the unmistakable intensity of all the featured players and how well the basic structure of the campaign has worked for JWT and Nike.

The brand earns a double hit of exposure: in the first phase, the call to action rallies the grassroots cricketers with the opportunity to be part of this nationwide celebration of their passion for the game. In doing so, not only does the imagery come rolling in, but the conversation and buzz around the idea primes the target audience for the launch of the final cut. In the second, when the ad is released, the brand creates another wave of interest and sharing from people excited to see the end result and the part they may have played in it.

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