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Now / Next / Why New York

by Contagious Team

The full line up of expert speakers has been announced for Contagious' Now / Next / Why event in New York, where the Contagious team and external speakers will explore the big social, technological, media and marketing shifts impacting brands. Leaders from Etsy, Hointer and McDonalds will all be joining us on stage on May 8 to talk return on culture, competitive convenience, and why chicken nuggets aren’t actually made out of pink goop. 


Joel has spent over 16 years with McDonald’s in a number of different marketing roles across the US and Canada. McDonald’s Canada has seen significant growth in market share during his tenure, with the launch of McCafé in November of 2011 one career highlight. In 2012, Joel led ‘Our Food,Your Questions.’ an innovative program that engaged consumers in a transparent campaign about McDonald’s and put an end to the infamous “pink goop” myth. 

Dr. Nadia Shouraboura is the CEO of Hointer, a retailer that's reinventing the shopping experience, making it easy and fun. During her PhD work, Shouraboura performed research at AT&T Bell Labs and co-founded Starlight Multimedia, a developer of multimedia applications. In 1994 she joined a startup, Diamond Technology Partners, which worked with a variety of major retail companies. Nadia joined in March of 2004 as technology vice president of Amazon’s Worldwide Operations. 

Katie manages Etsy's Values & Impact team, charged with making Etsy better for the world. She works on improving the company’s ecological footprint, increasing our community engagement in innovative ways, and ensuring Etsy’s company values are a part of everything Etsy does. At Now / Next / Why, Katy will share how Etsy has constructed a company that is an avid exporter of its own culture and the ways and means by which it goes about its business day to day. Read our interview with Katie here

Other speakers at Now / Next / Why New York include Joe Zadeh, Director of Product, AirbnbHyo Yeon, President, Fjord USA, Brian Wong, Founder and CEO, Kiip and Mary Ellen Callahan, Chair of Privacy & Information, Jenner & Block.

What's on the agenda at Now / Next / Why?

Contextual Integration / Contagious will explain how brands are using location, time and personal preference data to move from planning in media silos to creating contextually relevant communications.

Privacy / Contagious will explore the burgeoning personal privacy tech industry and look at what people really think about how their data is used by brands.

Return on Culture /  In today’s era of transparency, simply stating corporate beliefs and values is no longer enough. The internal culture of a business can be deployed to gain a genuine competitive advantage, and so the ability to express a unique or unified culture is emerging as a crucial pillar of brand communication.

Competitive Convenience / Contagious will look at how brands are incrementally improving each step of the customer journey and streamlining delivery, in-store experience and more.

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At Now / Next / Why on May 8 in New York, we'll show you how global brands are capitalising on change, go deep on their winning strategies and translate these ideas into practical, actionable steps to take back to your day-to-day job. Interactive workshops will give you the change to collaborate and apply your new knowledge instantly. For more information or to purchase tickets, click here.