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by Contagious Team

Contagious was privileged to be asked to open the first ever dedicated Innovation day at Cannes Lions, which our US editorial director Nick Parish and Will Sansom, director of strategy and content on our Contagious Insider division, will be doing on Saturday at 11am. Here’s a taster of what you can expect:

Teaching New Technology Old Tricks

Is it just us, or is the gulf between what marketing aspires to be and what it actually is, getting bigger? 

Our industry’s original innovators knew it was about aligning every discipline in a company so that it could be accurately mapped to the lives of real people. And yet the more nuanced and complex the media landscape has become, the more marketing has been reduced to an apologetic commodity through which brands barter for a share of customers’ attention and wallets, all while we dream of moonshots and silver bullets.

Technology felt like it could, indeed should help address this gulf, but instead it’s distorted reality, creating a near-obsessive belief that shiny new stuff is the answer, when invariably all the shiny stuff really does is ask more questions of a company and its reason for existing in the world.

In this seminar, Contagious will explore the theory that true innovation is actually something that marketing was born to do. It just forgot how.

Illustrated with cutting-edge case studies, Contagious will provide a grounded introduction to Cannes’ first innovation day by exploring how technology can only ever be the saviour of our industry’s future if marketers are willing to fulfil the prophecies and promises of the past. By examining how the world’s most pioneering companies are doing this, we will identify the practical steps that brands and their agencies can take to retrain their innovation muscle memory – transforming both their businesses and the lives of their consumers as a result. 

Obviously if you’re in Cannes we’d love to see you in the Debussy; however, if you’re not attending but would still be interested in seeing the session, you can make this happen by voting for it to be live-streamed via YouTube! Our Wildfire / Full of Tomorrow session, run in partnership with Leo Burnett, won the public vote last year so please tell your friends and help us make it two for two!

Here’s where you can vote: