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Contagious / Issue 39

by Contagious Team

The latest issue of Contagious is hot off the press and being delivered to subscribers around the world this week. 

If you have online access you can cut to the chase and access all the articles and videos here, as well as a searchable database including all of the articles and videos that we've featured over the past (almost) ten years. 

Highlights of this issue include Arwa Mahdawi, strategy director, North America, exploring why marketers can no longer afford to skirt consumer privacy issues and looking at how they can be transformed from a regulatory headache into a competitive advantage. We worked with Flamingo and Opinium to conduct exclusive research to support the article and will be sharing a more in-depth report with subscribers soon. 

Danah Boyd, Microsoft’s principal research scientist shares her take on privacy, telling editor Ed White how identity and anonymity are being reshaped by social networking technology. 

Nestlé China’s head of marketing Paolo Mercardo tells me about survival of the fittest in the country’s rapidly evolving digital landscape in our Up At Night interview. 

This issue's in-depth case studies delve into the stories and strategies behind two major brands:  Chris Barth covers how cheeky upstart Newcastle Brown Ale has fought against its industry’s big-budget puffery with witty, self-referential marketing that dominates in digital.

And Patrick Jeffrey looks at how Land Rover is turning 65 years of motoring heritage to its advantage, enabling it to lead the way in the SUV category – the fastest growing part of the automotive sector.

We also have our regular features – news and trends features the standout stories from the past quarter, looking at how brands are putting intelligent retail, ritual and beacons to work for them, as well as the best marketing capitalising on the selfie phenomenon. Wildfire looks at the smartest ideas in design, technology and virtue and Small But Perfectly Formed features connected devices to aid parenting, shoes with customised 3D printed soles, an encrypted messaging app for the privacy age and a smart speaker that learns and adapts to your music taste. 

Chloe Markowicz looks at the companies scrambling over themselves to create the speediest, most reliable and most convenient delivery services, with drones and car drops being just the tip of the iceberg. Read her piece on retail fulfilment here

This issue's Contagious Thinking takes in the hardware renaissance, sponsorship under scrutiny and the disruption of the banking industry.

Contagious’ editorial director, Americas, Nick Parish, picks the work most likely to take the Lions home this June and highlights key themes from the year in our Cannes Contenders piece.

If you’re heading to the Croisette, please say hello, or, even better, join us at our seminar. Will Sansom, Contagious Insider’s director of content and strategy and Nick Parish will open Cannes Lions’ inaugural innovation day on Saturday 21 June at 11am in the Debussy theatre. They will be exploring the theory that true innovation is actually something that marketing was born to do and will identify practical steps that brands and their agencies can take to achieve this. Meanwhile, we’re busy preparing for our 10th anniversary issue which will drop at the end of the year. Hold on to your hats.