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Tune-in Time: Watch Contagious' Cannes Seminar Live

by Contagious Team

Certainly our Americas editorial director Nick Parish doesn't have the sex appeal of Giselle Bundchen. 

And our head of Insider, Will Sansom, can't boast a design eye like Jony Ive's. 

But despite both their anti-celebrity qualities we've once again managed to stake a claim to the Cannes stage for an action-packed half-hour on Saturday, June 21 from 11:00-11:30 CET, kicking off the festival's very first Innovation Day with a rallying cry to the marketing industry. 

What are we going to be talking about? Teaching new technology old tricks. We think  true innovation is actually something that marketing was born to do, despite the confidence-shaking it's gotten at the hands of the technology industry. And we're going to prove it using thinking that's tested and true from marketing innovators like the ones you see above. 

If you're in Cannes, get to the Palais on time so you can be sure to grab a seat. Despite our non-Bundchen/Ive-ness we've had tremendous response to the seminar so you can be sure it'll a hot ticket. 

If you're not in Cannes, you're in luck, as the seminar's been chosen as the day's Lions Live session, so it'll be live-streamed at the Cannes Lions Youtube page

For those who can't bear to stare at a screen on Saturday morning, we don't blame you. The session will be available for a week following the festival, and we'll be sure to let you know how to find it. 

Download an .ics reminder with all the details, including the streaming URL and add it to your calendar so you don't forget!