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Cannes Lions: Mobile Award Winners

by Contagious Team

This was a year of playful interaction in the mobile category, as jurors evaluated with all the toys made available through their handsets to best settle on what marketer-created software nailed a genuine human need, or was really fun. 

That idea, according to the jury, was Nivea’s ‘Protection’ ad, which integrated a proximity sensor into a print ad to create a bracelet that, along with a companion app, can warn you if your child strays too far on the beach.

‘If you came by the jury room at any given moment you could see us running, jumping, dancing potentially, you could see us playing a ton of games, you could have seen us chewing gum like a bunch of cows, because there was a game that was activated by chewing gum,’ jury president Jaime Robinson, ECD at Pereira & O’Dell, said. 

The grand prix winner, from FCB Brasil, is for Nivea’s sunscreen product Nivea Sun Kids. ‘There was one idea that when we saw it it lit us all up, it was really beautiful, it excited us as people in the industry and people in general,’ Robinson said. ‘[Nivea] was the perfect marriage of the right media giving the right brand message at the right time and place.’

‘The other thing that was truly exciting about it was a blend of some of the newest mediums with some of the oldest,’ Robinson said. Additional golds went to Google, for its Chrome Racer game, R/GA’s Alvio app for health solutions company QOL to help assist asthma suffers and deliver data to doctors, and Guy Cotten, life jacket manufacturer, for its immersive A Trip Out To Sea game from CLM BBDO. India, Spain, Singapore, Brazil, the USA, Japan, Australia and France were all represented in Gold. 

Experiences like Chrome Racer and A Trip Out To Sea struck the jury with their personality. ‘It’s a very personal experience, the mobile device, by default,’ said juror Daniel Bonner, global CCO at Razorfish of Chrome Racer. ‘Being able to engage with other folks at the same time felt refreshing and unique, placing all your devices together.

‘The life jacket manufacturer, feeling emotion on a tablet-based device, something that makes you feel slightly anxious, slightly provoked, that’s quite unusual,' Bonner said. 'But that proves it’s not just about utility and service, that are unemotional but high function. That emotion drags you in.’

The jury had to navigate a vast gulf between creativity and scale, and thus considered each entry on its individual merit. ‘'At one end you had products that were used by tens of millions of people on an hourly basis, and at the other end you had some really had some really incredible breakthrough creative work that was only being seeded to a handful, dozens of users,’ said jury member Alasdair Scott, partner at C3. ‘So we looked at each individual entry based on its own merit rather than ranking stuff by volume of use, which would be appropriate within certain categories but in ours not as much.’

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