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Cannes Lions: Media Award Winners

by Contagious Team

If any category has been affected overmuch by the diffusion of the categories at the Cannes Lions, it’s been Media.

Innovative media is now everywhere, which makes it tough to nail down exactly what makes the category unique beyond surprising messages in unexpected places.

The effect? 40% of the campaigns awarded gold in the Media category had already won gold elsewhere on only the second day of the competition.

Fortunately several examples were lauded in the Media Lions ceremony, including the Grand Prix from Peru, Coca-Cola’s Happiness ID. Created by McCann Lima, the campaign began with the observation that it wasn’t forbidden to smile in your national ID card, so, to encourage more smiling, Coke put up free photo booths for smiling photos, where people could save money on their ID photos, and allowed people to get discounts at retailers by showing their smiling IDs.  

‘It was really consistent with who Coke is,’ said jury president Matt Seiler, global CEO at IPG Mediabrands. ‘Everything is media today, so how about the government as a media channel, changing the whole psyche of the country?’

Marc Schader, global chief commercial officer, Havas Media Group added ‘It’s easy to get caught up with “did it sell more cans of Coke”… the work that was awarded was awarded because of great insights, great ideas and great execution. As we keep saying, the better the articulation of the idea, the simpler the idea, the more likely it is to win.’ 

PHD’s London and Mumbai offices had a strong showing, with five golds between them for the Lego Movie ad break in the UK and Unilever’s Kan Khajura Tesan, which smartly used recycled audio content on an always-on mobile channel for underserved rural communities. 

Additional gold went to Corona’s Luna Corona, which turned a billboard into a moon-dial, as well as British AirwaysMagic of Flying, Nivea, for its Sun Kids Protection wristband-app (the Mobile Grand Prix), Terre Des HommesSweetie and more. 



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