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Cannes Lions: Cyber Award Winners

by Contagious Team
Universal / iamOTHER, Pharrell Williams - 24 Hours of Happy
Today saw yet another feather added to the very large cap of Pharrell Williams, as his 24 Hours of Happy project claimed one of three Grand Prix announced by the Cannes Lions Cyber jury.

Thanks to Iconoclast Paris’s painstakingly crafted 24-hour interactive experience, the pop star’s insanely catchy theme song to Despicable Me 2 was already on its way to global ubiquity when the United Nations came calling…Its adoption of the track to spotlight its annual International Day of Happiness on March 20 this year sealed the deal, confirming the song’s new status as a worldwide anthem for optimism.

The Pharrell hit took the Grand Prix for Craft and Web in a Cyber category that has undergone a major restructuring, increasing the number of sub-categories from 39 last year to 56 this year. Jury president Susan Bonds, CEO and founder of 42 Entertainment, said: ‘We were incredibly mindful that we were choosing baseline work that was going to be a guideline for what to submit in future years.’

The jury was overwhelmingly struck by the visceral impact of this incredibly popular interactive project. ‘What was amazing about it was that it was an experience online that actually evoked emotional response, emotional behaviour,’ explained Bonds. ‘The interface was seamless, intuitive, yet the sheer amount of content that was curated on this site was unbelievable.’
Chipotle, The Scarecrow
The Cyber Grand Prix for Branded Games, Branded Tech and Integrated was awarded to Chipotle’s The Scarecrow, a widely shared and enjoyed follow-up to the Creative Artists Agency’s Branded Content Grand Prix-winning Back to the Start spot of 2012.

‘Chipotle has reinvented fast food advertising, in the US especially, with its bold message,’ said Juror Joe Alexander, CCO, The Martin Agency. ‘What brought this to another level compared to the Back to the Start campaign of two years ago was the gaming aspect, and the ability to share and play that game that reinforced their message of naturally farmed food.’

Alexander specifically cited the passion of the young, male Millennial audience for game-related formats, but also drew attention to the excellence of the execution, comparing the quality of the animation to Pixar, a massive compliment for Moonbot Studios in Shreveport, US, whose attention to detail elevated the work to Grand Prix standard.
Volvo Trucks, Live Test Series
The final Cyber Grand Prix, this time honouring excellence in the Social category, was claimed by Volvo Trucks with for its YouTube juggernaut Live Test Series. The widespread expectation of success for this crowd-pleasing succession of souped-up product demos does nothing to detract from the sheer merit of the work, which is picking up plaudits across a range of categories.


Jury member Tony Högqvist, creative director of Sweden’s Perfect Fools, praised the ingenuity that transformed a business to business campaign for trucks into ‘the most sexy piece that exists on the planet,’ raising the bar with the release of each successive video.