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Contagious Seminar / Teaching New Technology Old Tricks

by Contagious Team
Contagious opened Cannes’ first Innovation Day with a seminar entitled: Teaching Old Technology New Tricks, delivered by Nick Parish, editorial director Contagious Americas and Will Sansom, director of content & strategy of Contagious Insider.

Working from the premise that innovation is actually something that marketing was born to do, it just forgot how, the guys introduced three pieces of wisdom from masters of marketing past: mapping each one to a current, ground-breaking shift happening in our industry and teasing out insights for the assembled audience.

Despite depleting energy levels at the end of a long and emotional week, we’re delighted to say that the reception both in the Debussy theatre and on Twitter was overwhelming. Thanks to everyone who watched or retweeted. And remember, you can still check out the whole thing here: