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Our Most Requested Presentation: Cannes Deconstructed.

by Contagious Team


Our Most Requested Presentation: Cannes Deconstructed 

All the learning. None of the ego.

7 days. 312 jury members. 35,765 entries judged. 125 hours of presentations. 12,000 delegates. An obscene number of hours at the Gutter Bar.

We’ve boiled all this down into what’s essential for the 21st century brand-builder. Our annual Cannes Deconstructed presentation delivers all the inspiration, insight and learning from this year’s Cannes Lions directly to your team.

From Van Damme to (a wide-awake) Marissa Mayer. 

Cannes Deconstructed is a 60-minute objective look at this year’s award winners, press briefings, hottest topics, standout seminars, and stories that got everyone talking from the Palais to the Gutter Bar.

From human-centered design to reverse engineering the creative process and more, we help teams understand the implications for the year ahead by distilling all of the thinking into key themes, insights and takeaways. Contagious will showcase the winning work, pinpoint session highlights and share the best quotes and discussion to help you uncover the real trends that are shaping the world of advertising today.

Contact us at to inquire about our special Cannes Deconstructed rates and reserve your presentation date now. 

This is our most popular presentation of the year, so the schedule fills up quickly. Don’t delay!