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Insights into Chinese Youth

by Contagious Contributor

Chinese social network RenRen and Anomaly have partnered  to uncover new insights into China’s post-90’s generation, based on how when and where people are using the site.

When considered as a nation in their own right, China’s post-90’s generation (born between 1990 and 1999), would form the fifth largest nation in the world. These 225 million youth are second only to the populations of China, India, the USA, and Indonesia, and as they graduate from the academic world  into the working world they are increasingly the focus of brands and agencies alike.

Anomaly’s Shanghai outpost and RenRen partnered to uncover insights in the lives, loves, and language of young Chinese people by tapping into the vast pool of data known as their 'genome'  that RenRen has on its users.

From the time they spend on mobile versus PC to the things they like the talk about (spoiler: themselves), to when they’re most likely to find love, you can find out more about China’s fifth nation by watching the film above.